Amy Dodds

Project Title: One-Pot Multistep Reaction Processes for the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Scaffolds

One of the greatest challenges currently facing synthetic chemists is the preparation of organic compounds with minimal impact on the environment. Over the last few years, one approach to overcome this challenge has been the development of one-pot multistep reaction processes, where multiple reactions are performed in a single reaction flask. Such processes negate the need for isolation, handling and purification of intermediates and quite often generate the target compound more efficiently. Another challenge for organic synthesis is the discovery of alternative catalysts than the highly expensive, precious metals such as palladium, ruthenium and iridium currently used. 

The key aim of this PhD programme will be to combine these two concepts and develop one-pot multistep reaction processes involving sustainable catalysts such as iron and copper for the synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds. As well as investigating the combination of iron and copper catalysis to form a diverse range of heterocycles, this project will discover whether a single iron catalyst can be used to perform sequential reactions. Once the various novel tandem catalytic, multi-step reaction processes have been developed, the synthetic utility of these for the preparation of important building blocks for medicinal chemistry and materials science will be fully explored.


Awarded: Carnegie PhD Scholarship

Field: Chemistry

University: University of Glasgow

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