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Your support now will reinforce the international reputation for academic and scientific excellence of Scottish universities in the future.


For over a century, the Trust has aimed to enable access to higher education and to further the research capabilities of Scottish universities.

Scotland’s economic and social development requires a highly qualified graduate workforce to meet future demands. Despite increasing state support for undergraduate study, the trust plays an important role in ensuring the widest possible range of students can benefit from higher education. We take pride in the way that Scottish researchers, with our support, are also responding to major challenges such as poverty, economic uncertainty, food security, higher energy demands, climate change, and human health.

Today, we continue the work envisaged by our founder thanks to generous donations and gifts. Donations and legacies from former beneficiaries, grant recipients and other supporters help us carry on and extend our work in the changing landscape of Scottish higher education.

Even a small gift can have a transformative impact on the student or researcher benefitting from our grants. Here are a few examples of how your contribution can be applied:

  • £500 helps a student with their study costs by enabling the purchase of a laptop and specialist software
  • £1500 helps a student who withdrew from a previous course of study due to ill health get back on track with their Undergraduate Studies
  • £2000 provides a Tuition Fee Grant to a young Asylum Seeker attending a Scottish university
  • £25,000 funds one year of a Carnegie PhD Scholarship
  • £75,000 funds a 42 month Carnegie PhD Scholarship


Josh Williams, PhD Scholar in Engineering at Heriot Watt University

A number of my close relatives suffer from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. I wanted to see if I could use my mechanical engineering background to improve their quality of life by researching how to develop better inhalers. Since starting my PhD, I have met many patients of all ages who have seen  the potential benefits of my research in a clinical setting. My work will also help patients to better understand how to correctly use their inhalers. Engaging patients and the public with my research has been a very rewarding part of my PhD research.”

Toluwanimi Olatunji, Applied Biomedical Science student at University of the West of Scotland

During my Carnegie Vacation Scholarship project I  gained invaluable experience in my research field of choice. It was definitely a plus to be then awarded First Prize at the Vacation Scholars’ Poster Competition. I recently graduated from UWS in July 2020 with a First Class degree in Applied Biomedical Science. My plan is to gain work experience, then undertake a postgraduate degree, and God willing become an entrepreneur.

Become a Carnegie Supporter

Donations to the Trust are generally made in support of our grant activities. Your donation can contribute to the Trust’s funding schemes as a whole or towards a specific goal, for example helping a student like Amir Ali Emami study Physics at the University of St Andrews.

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