Christopher Troy

Project Title: Artificial Intelligent Capabilities for Self-Protection of Large-Scale Pre-6G IoT Services

Imagine a world of smart cities, smart factories, and smart homes, just to name a few. Well, we don’t have to imagine anymore because they’re already here signifying the widespread adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) services throughout varying industries. Cyber-attacks on these types of IoT networks are increasing exponentially, requiring new solutions through the development of autonomous-based defensive technologies using AI (Artificial intelligence). Automation will be an essential component of the project due to the expansiveness of large-scale pre-6G distributed IoT networks. With 6G cellular broadband in development focusing heavily on AI integration, the relevancy of conducting such research into AI’s self-protecting capabilities becomes more critical.

Experiments will be conducted using multiple deep learning algorithms to find the most optimum model for usage on large-scale distributed networks with scalability in mind. The project will observe their autonomous defensive capabilities for mitigating different cyber-attacks with limited human involvement. Ultimately, the goal will be the development of a closed control-loop AI network defence system which can make its own decisions on the types of defensive techniques to deploy. This system will be able to identify, isolate, and resolve attacks in real time helping protect vital IoT services.

Awarded: Carnegie PhD Scholarship

Field: Computing Science

University: University of the West of Scotland

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