Claire Kidd

Claire is an undergraduate student at Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University where she studies painting. She was awarded a Vacation Scholarship in Summer 2018.

My work focuses on themes charged by nervous energy, such as a concern for the encroaching of a surveillance state or the potential dangers to come, should our rate of technological advancement continue. My surreal depictions of these topics rely on the liveliness I experience in the world around me. Through heated conversations, crowded transport and loud workspaces I am intrigued by chaos. In the studio I work to replicate this erratic tempo, using bright colours and aiming to find balance in busy compositions.

During my Vacation Scholarship project, I visited Marrakech, Barcelona and Bilbao to study the pace of life in each environment while gathering contextual research to inform my upcoming fourth year. Researching the art spaces in each city helped me make changes to the developing cultural map of Aberdeen. Interviewing local artists and learning about raw materials provided me unparalleled experience to apply to my own art practice upon my return.

The Carnegie Scholarship introduced me to an advanced level of interdisciplinary conversation as well as providing me an opportunity to improve on skills within my own field of research – fine art practice, specialising in drawing and painting. The experience has given me more confidence as well as prepared me for potential post graduate residencies.

Claire Kidd was a Carnegie Vacation Scholar in Summer 2018, supervised by Lyndsey Gilmour, Lecturer in Painting, Robert Gordon University.

Awarded: Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship

Field: Art

University: Robert Gordon University

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