Michael MacFarlane

Michael, what are you studying in New York?

I’m studying Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. The Saint Andrew’s Scholarship has allowed me to bridge my architectural education with further study in design in the heart of Manhattan. The financial support from the Society has also allowed me to complement my creative studies with classes in business in addition to traveling extensively across the United States. Without the support of the scholarship I would never have been able to pursue this opportunity. I will be forever grateful that the panel recognised and rewarded my skills and enthusiasm and were keen to put my name forward for the award.

Why is this field of study important?

Software is pervasive in our daily lives. Graphic and symbolic systems augment our thinking and communication modes. If these systems are to be engaging and successful they need to provide well-thought-out human experiences. Having studied Architecture before attending Parsons, story-telling, spatial thinking and the creation of joyful experiences are at the focus of my approach to design.

What advice would you give to future applicants?

My advice to future applicants would be to communicate your passions, tell your story and make it clear why you think you should receive the scholarship. Be detailed in your explanation as to why you intend to study in the US including what is special about your course of study at your chosen academic institution. An additional piece of advice would be to make sure you fully understand the financial undertaking over and above the support of the scholarship.

Awarded: St Andrews Society for the State of New York Scholarship

Field: Graphic Design

University: Parsons School of Design

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