Historical records

Today all the Trust’s records are held in a computerised database, but from the early days until the start of the 21st Century, index cards were used to record the names of undergraduate and postgraduate students receiving funding.

The original index cards have also been preserved electronically. Each record includes the name of the beneficiary, their place of residence, the course studied and the university attended as well as the total amount paid on behalf of the student to their university.

Consulting our archives

The Trust’s records cannot be consulted physically but should you wish to check whether you received funding yourself, or whether one of your ancestors may have been supported by the Trust, our staff will be delighted to search the records for you. See below for further information on how to request a search in our archives.

Searching the archive

To request a search in our archive, go to Request a record search below and enter the details of the recipient.

Request a record search

You can request a search in our archives for information about funding you received or to check if one of your ancestors received support from the Trust.